Rather than just moving germs around, COMBAT-19 eliminates them. The COMBAT-19 fine mist eliminates a wide range of germs, including viruses & bacteria. COMBAT-19 is a highly effective, powerful broad-spectrum germicide. COMBAT-19 allows you to sanitise a room with just the push of a button.


Minimise the risk of customer or patient quarantine, or business closure.

COMBAT-19 is a simple to use room fogger that can eliminate Covid-19 and other Coronaviruses from the atmosphere along with sanitising all surfaces. Used regularly COMBAT-19 will help to keep your business or workplace safe.

Listed below are some of many benefits:

  • COMBAT-19 active ingredients are tested to BS EN 1276, BS EN14476 and BS EN1650.
  • COMBAT-19 eliminates airborne Coronavirus and sanitises all surfaces including door handles, light switches, work surfaces etc.
  • COMBAT-19 helps to reduce time consuming and costly sanitising and decontamination procedures.
  • Rooms treated with COMBAT-19 can be used again within 60 minutes of sanitising.
  • COMBAT-19 reduces the potential for widespread contamination across rooms and regularly used environments.
  • COMBAT-19 currently comes in two aerosol sizes; 150ml for vehicles and small rooms and 250ml for large rooms. Multiple aerosols can be used in large open plan spaces.
  • COMBAT-19 is manufactured in the United Kingdom.


COMBAT-19 is one of the most powerful airborne and all-surface sanitiser on the market today!

Listed below are just some of the many pathogens COMBAT-19 is effective in combating:

Bacillus cereus Adenovirus
Bacillus subtilis Covid-19
Corynebacterium diphtheriae Hepatitis B
Desulphovibrio desulphuricans Herpes virus
Enterobacter aerogenes HIV-1
E. coli Newcastle Disease Virus
Klebsiella pneumoniae  
Legionella pneumophila  
Listeria monocytogenes  
Mycobacterium smegmatis
Salmonella choleraesuis
Streptococcus faecalis  
Streptococcus pneumoniae  
Streptococcus pyogenes  
Vibrio cholerae  


Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are the most commonly asked questions over the last six weeks.

What is COMBAT-19?

COMBAT-19 allows you to quickly and easily sanitise an entire room, space or vehicle with just the push of a button. From floors to walls, ceilings to light switches, door handles, windows and furniture, not only does the unrivalled COMBAT-19 eradicate as well as eliminate any trace of viruses, it protects all surfaces from potential recontamination for up to 7 days after deployment.

From just the press of a button, COMBAT-19 releases its unrivalled composition, with continuity, until the whole content has been expelled transparently in to the atmosphere and on to all surfaces.

How does COMBAT-19 work?

1. Prepare the space by cleaning and removing anything that may cause odours, e.g. waste food, soiled fabrics or ash trays etc.
2. Remove pets and people from the area to be treated.
3. Choose a central location for the can and place can on a clean cloth or small towel, in case of overspray. Do not place directly under lighting and disable smoke detectors.
4. Close all windows shake the can well then press and lock the total release valve button in one easy movement.
5. Exit the space and close the door. Can takes approximately 2 minutes to fully disperse mist.
6. Wait at least one hour before returning and air out as necessary (i.e. open windows/doors).

Does this work with Covid-19?

COMBAT-19 is a highly effective, powerful broad-spectrum germicide that contains the government-stated recommended level of Ethanol to effectively reduce Coronavirus infectivity, it has the benefit of added active agents, giving it the ability to take the log kill rate to a higher level than the ethanol alone. These active agents enable COMBAT-19 to last longer, so it remains active for up to 7 days on most surfaces.

How do I place an order?

Please contact our friendly sales team by email or telephone and we will help guide you through the next steps:


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